The future of paint protection and color change

Ixuviate is the only high gloss or matte, fuel resistant protection system on the market. Designed as a crystal clear, durable and safe method of protecting your paintwork from scratches, nicks, chips and debris.

Additional Services Include

Complete Coverage

Zero Orange Peel

No Bubbles

No Patterns Required

No Blades Used

Zero Seams or Edges

Zero Lifting Issues

Zero Gloss Deterioration

Sprayed Not Laid

No Adhesive

Tested To OEM Paint Standards For:

Stone Chip Resistance

UV Weathering Resistance

Hot and Cold Resistance

ADAS Suitability

Fuel Resistance

Complete Colorchange

Ixuviate PPS allows for the capaility to transform any vehicle to any OEM paint color available. Our multilayer system allows for traditional waterbased automotive paint to be applied during the installation process to achieve unimaginable results. You are no longer limited to any vinyl manufacturers current pallete.

Best part is the entire applied layer is completely peelable and will protect your OEM paint underneath. No more paying for extravagant manufacturer color options you’ll just end up spending thousands protecting anyways. Now you can change your color and protect the paint at the same time with Ixuviate!

With Ixuviate we have the capabilities to add or match any OEM waterborne paint color to your vehicle. It is also possible to color or tint any carbon fiber, metal or plastic panels, including wheels and brake calipers. In addition to full color change Ixuviate offers the unique ability to incorporate stripes and/or liveries to an OEM level finish with no lifting, peeling or raised surface like traditional vinyl.

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Seamless Paint Protection

iXuviate PPS offers a flexible guard to any part of a vehicle. The industry standard full front is easily achievable and are the areas most vulnerable to everyday road debris.

iXuviate is applied as a transparent peelable paint, giving a unique flexibility to the smallest detail of a vehicle's bodywork and wheels.

Once applied it has a minimum of 250 microns of thickness, available up to 400 microns. Giving iXuviate more protection against scratch resistence than traditional PPF.

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